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Affiliate Manager Starter

Affiliate Manager Starter plan is an ideal plan for those who would like to offer an affiliate program on their website. This program is designed to run and manage those affiliates who sign up via your website. Rather then you managing everything, we do it for you.


In this package, we provide the following services.

Affiliate Manager


One Time Set Up Fees


Affiliate Manager Starter

  • Set up an affiliate program for a business

  • Set up affiliate portal for the affiliates to sign up

  • Manage affiliates for the business

  • Design & Set up ads for the affiliate program

  • Vet the affiliates who signup directly via the website using the affiliate link

  • Payout to the affiliate

  • Reporting to the merchant

  • Providing support to the affiliate

  • Designing monthly ads for the business

  • Designing special occassion ads such as ads for valentine's day, halloweeen, back to school, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc...

  • Monitoring Affiliate Performance

  • Providing training to the affiliates to help them deliver better results for the merchant

  • Dashboard for the affiliate to monitor their own campaigns, links, results, conversions, payouts, grab assets, deep link, promo codes etc to run a better affiliate campaign

  • Pixel tracking

  • Site testing

  • Conversion optimizer

  • Running monthly special deals to encourage affiliates to perform better

  • Dedicated Account Manager for the merchant & affiliates

Affiliate Network Package

In addition to our affiliate manager program, this package includes a total package which consists of promoting your affiliate program in the affiliate network that consists of over 35000 Affiliate.

Imagine, affiliates from all over the world having access to promote your brand for a commission would not only grow your sales but also give your brand a global exposure.

Affiliate Network


One Time Set-Up Fees


Minimum Deposit


Transaction Fees


Affiliate Network Starter

  • A network of over 250,000 Affiliates Globally

  • Setting up an affiliate program

  • Running an affiliate program

  • Recruiting affiliates sign up directly from the website

  • Recruiting affiliates from other affiliate networks

  • Providing ongoing training to affiliates to make them perform better

  • Vetting affiliates who sign up using a direct link on the website

  • Vetting affiliates from the other affiliate network

  • Designing Landing pages

  • Design a website if needed for an add on price

  • Partnering with the affiliate networks to run the ad campaigns

  • Tracking ad performances

  • Monthly & Quaterly Reporting

  • Managing Affiliate Payouts

  • Fraud Tracking

  • Affiliate Program Designing

  • Support to the affiliates: A point of contact to answer questions regarding the program, payouts etc.

  • Support to the merchant

  • Monitoring the ads campaigns

  • Monitoring Ad Performances

  • Updating Ads based on the seasonality, special occassions such as Valentines days, Thanksgiving, Christmas ads etc...

  • Updating landing pages for higher conversion

  • Updating tracking pixels as needed

  • Pixel generation and installation

  • Running monthly special deals to encourage affiliates to perform better

  • Dedicated account manager for the merchant & the affiliates

  • Conversion optimizer

  • Site testing

  • Monthly special programs to boost the conversion and sales via affiliates

  • Affiliate only special offers and links

  • Link tracking

  • Monitoring affiliates performance

  • Providing higher level of support to high performing affiliates

  • Promoting discount codes to the different coupons website such as etc...

Fees Details

One-Time Fees To Get Started

Webfiliate has a simple up-front pricing structure. There is a one-time Network Access Fee at the time of setup and prior to activation on the network. Additionally, we require a $100 minimum deposit. This amount is used to pay the Affiliates and Webfiliate for sales and other qualified leads that you define. Any amount left in your account that is not used to pay for sales, leads or fees to Webfiliate can be refunded to you at any time that you wish to close your account. 60 Days notice must be provided to receive a refund and cancellation of the deposit paid. This time frame is important to make sure that all your campaigns are taken down in a timely manner and all the involved affiliates & networks have enough time to do their due diligence.

Recurring Fees

There are two types of recurring fees you could incur with Webfiliate – Transaction Fees and Monthly Retainer Fees.


A transaction fee only occurs if an Affiliate sale/lead is made. These fees are based on the Merchant’s chosen payout rate.

Transaction Fee Example:

Let say that the payout rate is 10% to an affiliate. He was able to get you a sale worth $50. So, therefore, his affiliate earnings would be $5. Based on the 20% transaction fee, which will be calculated based on affiliate earning, it would be $1 (20% of $5). See the table below:





Your Commission


Affiliate Earnings







So your total payout out of your deposit will be $6.

Monthly Retainer Fee:

A monthly retainer fee as described above for the services offered to the merchant. To undertake the whole process, we charge a monthly fee to manage, monitor & run your affiliate marketing campaign. Imagine how much time and money you will save by letting us managing your affiliate program until and unless you have time to do everything on your own, which we doubt.

Webfiliate is a part of Saleslogy Group.

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